Trevor Hickey

Trevor Hickey

A/V Programmer

Job Description:

A/V programmer; system commissioning; A/V service

Core Competency:

Control programming; network engineering

Calling Card:

Team player and willing to do whatever necessary to help get the project done; willing to learn and adapt to new technology

Industry Experience:

Joined ICS in 2015

Key Vendors:

Crestron, Extron, QSC


West Valley College


Crestron CTI-P201; Crestron DMC-S; Extron Control Professional; QSC Q-SYS Level 2

Favorite Part of Working at ICS:

“Working with a talented group of people.”

Outside Interests:

Spending time with my family; scuba diving; hiking; golf; camping; anything outdoors

Favorite Sport:

Football and baseball; Go Cowboys and A’s