Santa Clara Charney Hall Fire Alarm System

Contract Value: Not Disclosed
Fire Alarm, Voice Evacuation, Two-Way Communication System For Elevators

ICS-Integrated Communication Systems designed the state-of-the-art fire alarm and voice evacuation system for Charney Hall, new home to Santa Clara University’s School of Law. ICS also installed a two-way elevator lobby communication system for the new facility.

The fire alarm system design, engineered by Amir Mohammadian, ICS Senior Project Executive, includes manual stations at all exits, smoke detection that interfaces with the mechanical system, and hold-open and roll-down doors. The system also supervises the operation of sprinkler risers by monitoring sprinkler supervisory switches as well as the building fire pump. Occupant notification is provided in the form of speakers throughout the building and in all offices.

The design includes a life-safety interface with the elevators, the first such system on the Santa Clara University campus. A two-way communication system was provided in the elevator lobbies in the form of call boxes. In the case of an elevator emergency, a call box in the elevator can be activated, connecting to the campus safety office.