San Mateo County Board Chambers AV System:

Contract Value: $243,000

ICS Integrated Communication Systems revamped the aging audio video system within the San Mateo County Board Chambers, designing and programming a new custom AV system that makes it easier for the public to view real time Board meetings online or see them on cable. ICS replaced the old analog AV system with a new digital update that supports HD video and HDMI sources, along with Blu-ray. The new AV sound system includes high quality directional microphones with LED rings. ICS also renovated AV equipment within the adjoining control room, replacing the existing control system and adding a new camera. New side monitors on either side of the meeting dais make it easier for the audience to view the AV presentation. ICS installed a 21” monitor for each board member to help them better follow proceedings. Overall, the new AV system will improve the quality of recording, rebroadcasting and webcasting official meetings and other public events.