San Jose Convention Center: Sound System Upgrade

Concert Quality Sound System Installed At San Jose Convention Center Exhibit Halls

ICS Integrated Communication Systems, working with Meyer Sound and Team San Jose, upgraded the sound system in the San Jose Convention Center exhibit halls. The new solution now enables the San Jose Convention Center to offer a robust professional inhouse sound system throughout the large space.

The upgraded sound system helps make the Center a popular choice for potential exhibitors who want a delay system which can integrate with the existing front main speakers. It can also be used to supplement speakers in larger audio systems, properly filling a large venue simultaneously with sound. The new system reduces show costs and offers the San Jose Convention Center a strong competitive advantage over other convention venues.

The new ICS upgrade includes the installation of 209 Meyer Sound UP Junior-XP speakers and 60 Amie subwoofers in the halls’ new open ceilings. The Meyer speakers are controlled from an iPad through a new QSC Q-SYS mobile app.