Ryan Colton

Ryan Colton

Fire Alarm Service Manager

Job Description:

As fire alarm service manager in the Fire Systems Group, Ryan coordinates all fire service.

Core Competency:

A strong background in the construction industry, with general knowledge of many specialty areas.

Calling Card:

I try to make the day fun and upbeat, while providing a helping hand wherever it is needed.

Industry Experience:

I have worked in the electrical and construction field gaining transferable skills that are directly applicable to helping ICS succeed. My twin brother is a project engineer for Whiting & Turner Construction.


BA, Communication, Chico State University

Favorite Part of Working at ICS:

“I love working with people in the office, while gaining industry experience from the ground up.”

Outside Interests:

Playing the drums; golfing; going to the beach; spending quality time with those close to me.

Favorite Sport:

Baseball. Naturally the Giants are my favorite team.