Michelle Barajas

Michelle Barajas

Sales & Project Manager Administrative Support

Core Competency:

Responsible for scheduling and coordinating paper-flow so that the results are timely and seamless. Supports the Sales team and Project Managers in all aspects of the bid and project process

Calling Card:

“My goal is to bring out the best in the individuals I work with. I increase the productivity of the department and reduce stress.”

Industry Experience:

Has been in the industry for over 29 years; she began as a file clerk and moved into Sales; took on credit management and then went back into the sales/project management aspect; has gleaned significant industry information along the way.

Favorite Part of Working At ICS:

“I enjoy working with the positive and open-minded management and staff. There is a mutual desire to create a good work environment, a good product and a drive to exceed the expectations of our customers.”

Outside Interests:

Is an inspiration to others through her membership in a worship choir and in telling her story about her journey through weight loss and to better health. Has a large family and considers it her responsibility to embrace, nurture and mentor her children and grandchildren.

Favorite Sport:

Loves baseball and football. She will never grow tired of going to the Giants Stadium and enjoying the sights, smells and drama! She is an active grand and great-grandma and though she may not be the game winner, if invited to play any sport with the grand kids... she is in!