ICS Installs AV In Over 124 Rooms For Two LinkedIn Office Locations

The AV project included installing a Planar Direct View LED Wall, Cisco video conferencing, touch sensitive wayfinding and multiple meeting room type systems.

ICS installed a 1.2 Pixel pitch 110-inch diagonal direct view LED wall in LinkedIn’s Executive Briefing Center on the 26th floor of a 370-ft office skyscraper at 222 Second street. The briefing center also includes multiple large conference rooms fully integrated with ceiling mounted beamforming microphones and DSP, utilizing a Cisco Touch10 as a touch panel interface with a Crestron backend.

At LinkedIn’s Campus at 1101 W Maude, Sunnyvale, ICS programmed and installed integrated audio-visual systems in 82 rooms, with room types including small, medium and large conference rooms, phone rooms, huddle rooms, a break room and an All-Hands area.