Connie & Kevin Chou Hall, Haas School of Business, University Of California, Berkeley: AV Installation

Innovative Audio Video Installation Facilitates Student Learning And Enhances Collaboration

Integrated Communication Systems (ICS) installed several AV Systems throughout this new six-story student-centered academic building on the Haas School of Business campus. The project includes AV systems for eight tiered lecture spaces; seven flex classrooms; 31 breakout rooms (for impromptu collaboration); a cafe and a large event space. The project has been identified as a technology and learning model for other business schools on the UC and Cal State campuses.

Teaching spaces and huddle rooms are equipped with a Mersive Technologies Solstice Screen Sharing Software System that enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using a range of devices over a Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. The Solstice Software is a cross-platform system that allows students to share content by logging into a special Wi-Fi network and entering their access code.

With a Solstice-enabled display in the classroom, up to eight users can simultaneously connect, share, and control their display on the screens (four users per screen in huddle rooms), which fosters collaboration and decision making. Each pair of students has a microphone with a touch LED ring, which can be used to turn the microphone off and on. The system incorporates an Optex Redscan tracking device, an infrared laser system that uses cameras in two corners of the room to track teachers recording their interactions with students during lectures. The Evertz IP video records the lecture, using the new HDMI IP switching and distribution system.

The tiered lecture spaces are equipped with video conference and lecture capture. A Panopto video conference system is installed that is feature rich, including the ability for students to remote access past and present lecture content. The Panopto records all of the meta data information for the video capture automatically, based on the teacher log in, the scheduling of the room, and the content for the class. The students can then go back and review the lecture at their own convenience.

The event space, located on the top floor, is equipped with a 22’ x 9.5’ video wall manufactured by Primeview. This large format display was created using video tiles seamed together with edge-blending technology. The space is designed to seamlessly accommodate a variety of uses such as student meetings, presentations, and entertainment. The video wall features a RGB Spectrum windowing processor, which can receive live video in different formats and convert it to be seen on the video wall in any one of four different windows that can be created.

Most of the video wall operations are set up through presets on a Crestron touch panel.

The event space uses the Evertz® video transmission/distribution system, which is patched into the control room.

The entire AV system is interconnected to a matrix of centralized control rooms which facilitates the ability to transmit the activities in any teaching space to any other lecture spaces within the building. Through this forward-thinking AV installation, ICS hopes to help propel a new wave of how technology can support digital learning.