Finn Residence Hall At Santa Clara University: Fire Alarm System

Contract Value: Unknown
Turnkey Fire Alarm System for 157,000-sq-ft., 4-story residence hall

ICS-Integration Communication Systems designed and installed a fire alarm system for the new Finn Residence Hall at Santa Clara University, incorporating 4 stories of residential units constructed over an underground garage. The Hall houses 350 students. Devcon Construction was the Architect and General Contractor.

Amir Mohammadian, Senior Project Manageer at ICS, oversaw the development of the engineering of the turnkey EST-3 fire alarm system and its installation. The system features distributed power supplies and controls on each level of the building.

There are 500 smoke detectors installed on the project, and the system also features both smoke and carbon monoxide detection units in the residential units that report to the fire panels. Alarm activations in the residential units are reported to both the fire panel and the Campus Safety Office.

The fire alarm system also recalls the elevators in the event of smoke detection in any elevator lobby and releases the smoke curtain on the floor of incident. The fire alarm system interfaces with the building HVAC on all levels, and monitors the building sprinkler risers, including the main fire pump controller located in the garage.