Design Tech High School Fire Alarm System

Contract Value: Not Disclosed
Fire Alarm, Voice Evacuation, Smoke Control, Two-Way Elevator Lobby Communication Systems

ICS-Integrated Communication Systems designed the state-of-the-art Edwards EST-3 fire alarm and voice evacuation system for Design Tech High School, a public high school located on the Oracle Campus in Redwood City. ICS also installed the smoke control and two-way elevator lobby communication systems for the building.

The smoke control system includes installation of detection and occupant notification devices, as well as an interface with the building HVAC system and dedicated smoke exhaust fans. As part of the smoke control system, the fire alarm system also controls exterior doors that would be used to provide make-up air during a building alarm condition.

The fire alarm system also provides the interface for monitoring the Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS). THE ERRCS allows firefighters, police officers, or other first responders to go inside the building while maintaining communications with each other and with dispatch over enhanced radio frequencies.

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