What We Do: Audio & Video

ICS Integrated Communication Systems is an AV contractor and audio video integrator. ICS provides audio video and video conferencing design, engineering, project management, programming, systems integration and, installation. Our AV engineering department develops all submittal or shop drawings and works closely with each of the ICS programmers and integrators to make sure our designs are efficient, effective, and easy to use. Our AV engineering department also commissions and verifies that the installation accurately reflects the design requirements. All AV engineering designs are developed within established drawing standards that use a library of templates and assemblies that work within an established design portfolio.

Within the AV field, ICS handles many kinds of installations, such as conference rooms and board rooms, classrooms, theaters, sports venues, athletic field head ends, client briefing, and training centers, multi-media AV presentation systems and video conferencing suites.

Integrated Communication Systems is adept at providing sophisticated integration for our AV projects, which often utilize signal routing, display, sound reinforcement, content streaming or rebroadcast, videoconferencing, and remote control.