Amir Mohammadian

Arnold Barrientos

Accounting and Administrative Support

Core Competency:

All things financial, including accounts payable processes and employee payroll

Calling Card:

An individual and team contributor with exceptional skills to support his colleagues

Industry Experience:

Worked in finance for a telecom company for over 7 years. Within the integrated systems industry, Arnold has been a scheduler of fire alarm inspections and worked in fire alarm contracts

Favorite Part of Working at ICS:

“The CEO and management provide continuous training, positive feedback and support to the entire staff.”

Outside Interests:

Devoted to spending time with his granddaughter and grandson anytime he can. He loves all types of music, festivals, and being outdoors.

Favorite Sport:

A dedicated Bay Area sports fan supporting the GS Warriors, the SF Giants and the SJ Sharks. He also attends the SF 49er games.