Alonzo Madrid

Alonzo Madrid

Junior Project Manager

Job Description:

Assists with estimating, job tracking and bid activity; also assists AV Project Managers and the Service Department with whatever they may need

Core Competency:

Understanding a client’s AV needs and delivering a finished project with strategic planning

Calling Card:

Ability to adapt; great work ethic; always willing to lend a helping hand to complete the task

Industry Experience:

Over a decade’s experience in the telecommunications industry; excited to bring the knowledge I have acquired to the AV world

Favorite Part of Working at ICS:

“The comradery of the team. Everyone is helping each other to succeed.”

Outside Interests:

Love spending time with my son and my girlfriend; play in several basketball leagues around the area and train for fun in jiu-jitsu

Favorite Sport:

Enjoy watching basketball and mixed martial arts